About Us

Internet Atlas is a new visualization and analysis portal for diverse Internet measurement data. The starting point for Atlas is a geographically anchored representation of the physical Internet including (i) nodes (e.g., hosting facilities and data centers), (ii) conduits/links that connect these nodes, and (iii) relevant meta data (e.g., source provenance). This physical representation is built by using search to identify primary source data such as maps and other repositories of service provider network information. This data is then carefully entered into the database using a combination of manual and automated processes including consistency checks and methods for geocoding both node and link data. Customized interfaces were built to import a variety of dynamic (e.g., BGP updates, Twitter feeds and weather updates) and static (e.g., highway, rail and census) data into Atlas, and to layer it on top of the physical representation. The openly available web portal is based on the widely-used ArcGIS geographic information system, which enables visualization and diverse spatial analyses of the data.

If you would like to jump-start our efforts in a region or just add a map we seem to be missing or add/change any information about the existing networks, just send us an email. Follow us on Twitter @InternetAtlasUW.


“Paul Barford is a professor of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison where he is a member of the networking group and the founder and director of the WAIL” ProfessorDr. Paul Barford
“Ramakrishnan Durairajan is a graduate student in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.” Graduate Student Ramakrishnan Durairajan